Pre-Built Manufacturing Units

200+ single storey plug and play units in plot sizes of 0.25/0.5/1 acre for a lease period of 33 years.

Common Commercial Facilities

Central Warehouse

Convention & Business Centre

Exhibition & Seminar Halls



Food Courts

Regulatory Office

Import-Export Promotion Body

Other Support Services

Common Scientific Facilities

1. EMI/EMC Testing Lab

The Electro Magnetic Interference / Electro Magnetic Compatibility Testing facility at AMTZ would include:

  • A. Radiated Emission Laboratory Unit
  • B. Radiated Susceptibility Laboratory Unit
  • C. Conducted Emission Laboratory Unit
  • D. Conducted Susceptibility Laboratory Unit
  • E. 10-meter & 3-meter test labswith 7X4X3 diagnostic chamber

2. Biomaterial Testing Lab

The 15,000 square foot Biocompatibility Testing Facility at AMTZ includes testing facilities for the following:

  • A. Sterility evaluation
  • B. Histopathology evaluation
  • C. Accelerated Aging
  • D. Physiochemical evaluation
  • E. Package validation
  • F. Cytocompatibility evaluation Testing (Tissue Culture Laboratory)
  • G. Tissue compatibility evaluation
  • H. Tissue compatibility evaluation

3. 3D Design, Prototyping and Rapid Tooling facility

  • A. 3D design unit with latest software for CAD design, organic modeling, medical modelling, design analysis, mes correction and reverse engineering, 3D scanning etc.,
  • B. 3D printing unit with FDM, SLA, SLS, PJP and metal 3D printing machines etc.,
  • C. Rapid tooling unit with CNC milling , 5 axis CNC machine and laser engraving machines, etc.,

4. Gamma Irradiation Lab

The AMTZ facility includes the following core areas:

  • A. Irradiation cell and labyrinth
  • B. Control room
  • C. DM plant & ventilation room
  • D. Cell roof top & cask handling area
  • E. Loading and unloading area for the product
  • F. Incoming and outgoing room
  • G. Dosimetry and Microbiology lab

5. X-Ray/CT Scan Tube Manufacturing

One of its kind in India, this facility will be manufacturing X-ray Tubes of 800 mA & CT Scan Tubes of 2 MHU

Common Commercial Facilities

1. Central Warehouse

Spread over 80,000 square feet with additional 5,000 square foot cold storage facility

2. Convention & Business Centre

Area of 2 Acers with a built up area of 5932 Sqm, having Big event stage about 35m length and 8m width with the seating capacity of 1200 people, having 2 no's of conference halls seating capacity of 500 number people, 4 no's of meeting rooms seating capacity of 230 number poeple, reception area of 437 Sqm, lounge sapce, kitchen and pantry for dietary, separate parking facilites in Pragathi Maidan.

3. Exhibition & Seminar Halls

4. Showrooms

5. Auditoriums

6. Food Courts

7. Regulatory Office

8. Import-Export Promotion Body

9. Other Support Services

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